I'm a newbie to Ras Pi and I am having trouble with i2c sensors.

I bought SHT31d from Adafruit Industries to measure Temp and Humidity in several spots in my house. I used to use DHT22 before, but for better precision, I changed my sensors to SHT. However, SHT31d is an I2C sensor unlike DHT22, so I could not connect more than 3 with one raspberry pi device. So I searched on the Internet to overlay gpios to another I2C Port, I modified config.txt, and it succeeded to read address of SHT31d in terminal with command . But, with circuitpython library from Adafruit, especially busio module, I'm stucked with detecting other I2C ports, beside the default one. I want to change this part:

i2c = busio.I2C(board.SCL, board.SDA)

When I try to replace board.SCL, board.SDA with other pin numbers, python sends me out :

NotImplementedError: No Hardware I2C on (scl,sda)=(13, 11)

Does anybody have an idea to use another I2C port in circuitpython lib?

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