I am porting an Arduino project to Raspberry Pi.

On the Arduino I switched two 12V solenoid Valves with the help of a L293D IC. It worked perfectly.

Now I am porting this system to a Raspberry Pi.

The switching does not work properly. Sometimes it switches, sometimes not. Since I am a beginner I first ask if there is some condition I don't see. I know that the GPIO pins work with 3.3V, but that should be enough according to the L293D data sheet.

Unfortunately I can't find a data sheet for the valves. I was also thinking if there is some issue with the PWM for the Enable pin. I have not configured anything regarding that in the code. I just connected a PWM pin from the RasPi to the L293D thinking that it will work just like on the Arduino. (I don't really need PWM since I use Enable pin also for switch on and off)

I wrote the program in C with the Wiring Pi library.

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  • Sorry, I don't see how this can be debugged by anyone but you, especially since the valves sometimes work (meaning there's probably no big red show-stopper issue someone could spot). – Dmitry Grigoryev Jan 11 at 14:48

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