Looking at the SD Card (32) it has 6 partitions, I would like to use berryboot and have a choice of OS's there are only 2 partitions used on the SD card, can I or should I expand the the 2 used ones or use the SD card the way it is formated. If I want to use the other partitions, do I need to format?

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    NOOBS has one primary /dev/sda1 and one logical partition /dev/sda2. In that /dev/sda2 container there's /dev/sda5 (boot for Raspbian) and /dev/sda6 (root FS for Raspbian). If there's more than one OS /dev/sda7 holds the next /boot and /dev/sda7 for the next root FS. Converting that to Berryboot is a non-trivial task. – Dougie Jan 15 at 18:48

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