I installed a python program from a github repo with an automatic script. It is configured to launch itself as a service on startup, and everything seems working fine. I edited the 'py' file to change and improve program, but when I save it I cannot start it anymore as service. If I ask for status it says

Process: 593 ExecStop=/usr/bin/curl (code=exited, status=7)
Process: 591 ExecStart=/opt/hue-emulator/HueEmulator3.py (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)

Instead, if I try to launch directly using:

sudo python3 /opt/hue-emulator/HueEmulator3.py

everything seems to works fine. What I'm doing wrong?

EDIT: This is the repo: https://github.com/diyhue/diyHue and this is the systemctl cat hue-emulator.service output

Description=Hue Emulator Service


ExecStop=/bin/sleep 1


It seems the simple file editing cause this issue. I tried to resinstall via script, then simple add a space then save and it will not run anymore as service. To edit I use notepad++ on Windows using a shared folder via Samba. I also tried to check permissions before and after and I got:

-rwxr-xr-x (before)
-rw-r-xr-x (after)

I fixed them with chmod, but without success.

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    is the service process also running python3? ..... i did not downvote your post, so i suspect that you have not done enough research before you posted your question – jsotola Jan 20 at 23:30
  • You need to add a bit more info like, what repo and output from log... – MatsK Jan 21 at 8:51
  • Please edit your question and add the output of systemctl cat your.service. – Ingo Jan 21 at 15:21

You only give us stripped information, e.g. with the status of the service and with chmod. Executing sudo chmod ... must change the permissions, otherwise you don't have a default Raspbian installation. Don't use notepad from MS Windows. There may be an issue with line delimiter CR+LF (carriage return + line feed) or encoding not being UTF-8. Instead use editor on Raspbian. Unix expects as line delimiter only LF.

  • yeah, chmod is executed as root, I didn't write it becasue is 99% the way to do it. The editor is not classic notepad, but Notepad++ which usually don't break encoding and line ending with different format. By the way I don't think the problem is related to these things, due to the py run smoothly when executed directly, the issue is only when I try to launch it as service. – Noisemaker Jan 21 at 23:16
  • @Noisemaker If chmod doesn't work then please use a default Raspbian installation. Nevertheless you should try editor on the Raspberry Pi for verification. There may be also an encoding issue with the samba share. – Ingo Jan 21 at 23:26

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