I have been using the pi to stream video to a tablet and it's been working fine up till now, but there's some really confusing symptoms happening in regards to streaming video from the pi to a tablet.

As a base, I have been using my pc, since it appears to have no lag when running the video. The video is being streamed through a webpage.

I have pinged between my computer and pi -> low latency I have pinged between my computer and tablet -> low latency ping between tablet and pi -> > 150ms As far as video going, I have been holding up a timer and comparing the result on the timer to the video feed. From computer to timer ->shows roughly 200ms behind From tablet to timer -> varies greatly between 3 seconds and roughly 700ms I also tested my phone, which seems to have the same issue, though it's not as bad as the tablet -> roughly 1000 to 1500ms I am testing them individually but it doesn't seem to change much having other devices connected, though in all tests i'm only showing the video on one screen.

Pi act light is green when start up but also stops prematurely with light changing to red.

All devices currently mentioned are accessing the pi through wifi - none are plugged into the router directly.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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    I was able to get the problem sorted :) turned out to be a setting on the streamer which needed changing – Nathan Sinclair Jan 22 '19 at 5:31

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