I have a simple application written in python which sends information via multicast udp in a loop, among other network-unrelated functionalities.

This python app is launched from a nodejs script, so basically the code I use for this is:

var execAsync = require('child_process').exec;
var order = 'python /home/user/Desktop/app_mcast.py'
execAsync(order, (error, stdout, stderr)=>{
    //nothing at all

Whats happens is that, for no reason, after approximately a minute of being launched (I don't know if this is relevant), it eventually stops sending packets. The rest of functionalities that this python app has, keep running correctly, though. I have checked this by monitoring it with wireshark.

However if I launch this python app directly in the terminal, it behaves as expected, i.e., sending multicast packets continuously.

Any hints for this? Is there any protection mechanism which blocks sending multicast messages in background? I am using raspbian stretch with rpi 3 and this is run through the eht0 interface. Thanks in advance!


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