When I reboot my Raspberry Pi, my WiFi connection works, but my eth0 interface has no ip adresss. In the gui it says "eth0: Link is up, configuring"

If I run dhclient -v it will obtain an IP and the interface works.

I do not added any customization to /etc/network/interfaces nor have I configured anything additional in /etc/dhcpd.conf

It appears to me that it's just not trying to obtain an IP on that interface on boot up.

Running Raspbian stretch (version 9). Thanks in advance.

  • How do you know eth0 doesn't have an ip addr? Enter ip link show eth0 from the command line, & tell us what you see. Then enter sudo ip addr show eth0 & share that here. – Seamus Jan 22 at 21:33
  • dhclient is not used. By default dhcpcd is used on Raspbian. The wifi connection works. Where is the wired port eth0 connected to? Is it another router than that for the wifi? – Ingo Jan 22 at 22:35
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    @Seamus Another Raspbian Desktop User Interface Update, posted 8th May 2015 at 9:45 am, first section New Wifi Interface: "Connecting to a wifi network has been made much simpler in most cases by including a version of Roy Marples’ excellent dhcpcd and dhcpcd-ui packages." – Ingo Jan 23 at 13:43
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    @Ingo: Apparently the decision to adopt dhcpcd was not universally admired :)... in fact, some think it was a bad decision. I've learned a few other things from reading various posts re dhcpcd on The Organization's website.. It all suggests (to me) that a) adopting dhcpcd may have been a dodgy decision, and b) dhcpcd is not as solid as I have thought for a while? – Seamus Jan 23 at 14:18
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    Would you be willing to spend some time doing more detailed logging of dhcpcd, and sharing the results? – Seamus Jan 24 at 19:29

I'm not sure why, but the dhcpcd service status was reporting that it was trying to obtain an IP address already assigned to a different MAC address on my network (was one of my TVs). I checked my router config and didn't have an IP reservation set up for that address. I was able to fix it, but I'm not sure if it was my router that is the problem or something else.

I ended up using dhclient to get an IP address. Then went in to my router config and reserved that IP for my pi. Then rebooted the PI and dhcpcd auto obtained the reserved IP as expected.


dhclient and dhcpcd are different DHCP clients. Using both in a mixed mode is not a good idea and may give you the problems. isc-dhcp-client (dhclient) is not installed by default so you should deinstall it and only use dhcpcd.

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