I want to write my Python scripts from my Raspberry Pi 3 b+ in my Eclipse IDE (Windows 10) and be able to debug them.

I installed Pydev and RSE plugins on Eclipse.

I installed Pydev on my Rasp Pi using sudo pip3 intall pydevd and sudo pip install pydevd

Using this script I am able to debug but no use breakpoints

import os
import sys
import pydevd;
i = 3
p = 'Hello!' * i
print (p)

I have read that in order to use breakpoints it is needed to set the variable PATHS_FROM_ECLIPSE_TO_PYTHON in the pydevd_file_utils.py on the Rasp Pi.

The pydevd_file_utils.py is in the directory "usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages" on my Rasp Pi, and I set the PATHS_FROM_ECLIPSE_TO_PYTHON like this


When I execute my test.py on my Rasp Pi I can debug it from my Eclipse but I still can't use the breakpoints and in console it says

pydev debugger: warning: trying to add breakpoint to file that does not exist: /home/pi/workspace/Test2/C:/Eclipse/workspace/RemoteSystemsTempFiles/ (will have no effect)

It looks like it takes the path from a previous project I used to test all these things. But any way, the problem is that I can't set the PATHS_FROM_ECLIPSE_TO_PYTHON variable.

  • The path in your pydev debugger: warning suggests that the debugger is looking for the file in a location that may not exist; that looks like a concatenation of two or more files/folders. Therefore, I'd hazard a guess that you've input a file/folder spec incorrectly. – Seamus Jan 23 at 12:38

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