Need some help please :)

I would need some help to find the best option for a product upgrade. Right now, it consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with the Camera Module v2 and an external mobile application to receive the videos through the cloud. The single board is connected to a PoE switch though Ethernet so it doesn't require double wiring. The upgrade that I need is to create a non-distorting 180 panoramic video recording camera in realtime.

The basic requisites are:

  • 180 degrees non-distorting panoramic FOV
  • Store only 1 video in total
  • A minimum of 30 FPS since it records fast movements
  • Good resolution if possible
  • Ethernet port (better if supports PoE)
  • USB or 3mm for Audio Input
  • Handling at least 8 hours of recording a day (sometimes with high temperature)

The solution that I was thinking was:

  • Using Raspberry Pi Compute Module
  • Using 2 cameras to get the 180 degrees by placing one camera next to the other (i.e. https://www.spinelelectronics.com/5mp_usb_cameras/UC50MPC this camera is great because of being 5MP non-distorting 110 angle FOV, but the problem is that is a USB camera and that would probably consume more CPU than a MIPI CSI camera.)
  • Real-time panoramic stitching to get a single video

Based on this information, what combination of single-board computer, cameras and panoramic generation option would be the best?

I would really appreciate your answers. :)

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