The plan is to be able to connect to the wifi home network and connect a Cat5 to the eth0 port. Then connect the Cat5 to a pc. I then want to be able to connect to the pc via RDP from the internet using the pi wifi as access.

So far i have tried teamviewering into the pi which worked but couldnt get access to the pc on eth0

Anyone got any tips?? Many thanks Mark

  • Forget RDP (& XRDP), use RealVNC. – Dougie Jan 25 at 15:00
  • Cheers Dougie but unfortunately the scenario i'm planning is to be able to have multiple sessions which i dont think realvnc offers. – MarkP Jan 25 at 22:00
  • RealVNC gives you five cloud sessions for free. If you don't use the cloud support you can run as many as you like. I just ran up 10 sessions to ten different raspberries with no struggles. – Dougie Jan 25 at 22:57
  • This won't be simple - you'll need something like dnsmasq, and the realisation that you'll be double-NATing to the PC – Jaromanda X Jan 25 at 23:39

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