I've started looking for tutorials for Pi's and Bluetooth, but I don't have any experience with Bluetooth and Linux, and it seems that the Bluetooth stack on Raspbian and/or Linux is not full featured like I am used to on Windows.

What Bluetooth Profiles/capabilities does the Pi Zero W hardware and native software support?

A few examples:

  • A2DP
  • Serial Port
  • PAN
  • Low Energy
  • Master/slave mode
  • Connect a keyboard/mouse to the Pi Zero
  • Emulate being a keyboard or mouse to another device

Full list of Bluetooth profiles.

Ultimately, and anecdotally as far as this question is concerned, I'd like to be able to SSH (or telnet) into a Pi over the Bluetooth connection, or something similar (VNC, RDP, etc.), which seems to be somewhere between not supported and not possible.

The question, answer, and comments here make things clear as mud. Several users report only able to connect for 1-2 seconds here. This question has no answers.

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I suppose you are using Raspbian. Together with the bluetooth stack there is also sdptool installed. Beside other options it has also the option browse. Look at man sdptool. With this option you can browse all available services on the device specified by a Bluetooth address as a parameter. So you can ask what services a bluetooth device nearby provides. You can also ask your local device with:

rpi ~$ sdptool browse local

This should give you a list what services available on your RasPi.

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