Hello guys I made a really dumb mistake by adding a python script in .bashrc. I wanted to make this script autostart and followed a tutorial, where it said i should add it to .bashrc. Later on i read that you shouldn t do that. The script is a while Method so it wont stop.

Now my problem is that everytime i start the terminal the script opens and i can t type stuff into it to remove it.
Does somebody know how i can remove the script out of the .bashrc ?

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You COULD fix this by modifying the SD Card on a Linux system.

You can do this on the Pi itself by rebooting to a root shell and can repair most such problems on the Pi.

1. Append `init=/bin/sh` at the end of `cmdline.txt` and reboot.
2. After booting you will be at the prompt in a root shell.
3. Your root file system is mounted as readonly now, so remount it as
read/write `mount -n -o remount,rw /`

You should then be able to edit .bashrc.

  • Just to clarify, the .bashrc you want will be at /home/pi/.bashrc and not ~/.bashrc as you're logged in as root. Commented Jan 28, 2019 at 10:21

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