My l298n motor driver that is hooked up to my rpi beeps and the motors don't move when i run code how ever i worked before a changed the power pack however now it doesn't work with that one either.

Here's my code:

# import curses
import curses

# Get the curses window, turn off echoing of keyboard to screen, turn on
# instant (no waiting) key response, and use special values for cursor keys
screen = curses.initscr()

        while True:   
            char = screen.getch()
            if char == ord('q'):
            elif char == curses.KEY_UP:
                print "up"
            elif char == curses.KEY_DOWN:
                print "down"
            elif char == curses.KEY_RIGHT:
                print "right"
            elif char == curses.KEY_LEFT:
                print "left"
            elif char == 10:
                print "stop"    

    #Close down curses properly, inc turn echo back on!
    curses.nocbreak(); screen.keypad(0); curses.echo()

And my setup: photos will be up later sorry i gotta stop using google drive

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    "how ever i worked before a changed the power pack" - I doubt it. That code may print text, but nothing else! – Milliways Jan 30 at 22:56
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    Please write proper sentences i don't like to sort them out it makes it better readable people could be frustrated to answer. – Ingo Jan 31 at 1:33

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