I need to scan a QR code via the command line when a script is run. My current setup is an epaper display with integrated 4 buttons. So far I have each button programmed to run a script to change images on the epaper. easy. But now I want to be able to attach a camera to my Pi zero and scan a QR code by using one of the buttons that activates a scanning script.

  • Would a pi zero be able to do this or do I need a Pi3 instead?
  • Can I scan a QR code via the command line reliably? I'm scanning blind as I have an epaper display and not an LCD. Will I have issues?
  • After scanning the QR code, I need to pass this data into a nodejs script and it should output my calculated result on the epaper display. What software would be most ideal for scanning?

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You can try zbarcam. You can call it in a way that it terminates after successfully scanning a code, so while the user will have to aim without any visual clues, you can reliably tell them when the program has finished scanning.

zbarcam will output the QR code contents on the standard output, which can optionally be redirected to a file, whichever you find easier to read.

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