hello I need that my Pi automatically connect to wi-fi's

1) At home (by dhcp)-easy

2) at work (static IP DNS router)-don't know how

it's extrimle easy to do that on armbian by configs /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections

but how to do it on (stretch) Linux raspberrypi 4.14.79+



I can't agree that anything is extremely simple using NetworkManager which (because of its need to explicitly configure each piece of hardware) is not well suited to the Pi.

You say "At home (by dhcp)-easy" - provided you are not using a non-standard Raspbian networking setup, you can make dhcpcd do this - see Host Specific Configuration in How to set up networking/WiFi

Using a Fallback profile may be easier - make this the static IP for work. (I can't help wondering what kind of work network requires or even permits user defined static IP.

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