I am trying to install the armv7 version of Veracrypt on my Raspberry Pi. I downloaded it from: https://launchpad.net/veracrypt/trunk/1.21/+download/veracrypt-1.21-raspbian-setup.tar.bz2, unzipped and ran ./veracrypt-1.21-setup-console-armv7. But after installing the software and executing Veracrypt from the command-line, I am presented with the following error:

/usr/bin/veracrypt: No such file or directory

The permissions of /usr/bin: drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 69632 Feb 3 11:26 /usr/bin/

The permissions of /usr/bin/veracrypt: -rwxr-xr-x 1 1000 1000 2789700 Jul 16 2017 /usr/bin/veracrypt

  • veracrypt is not part of the default repository. How exactly do you install it from where? – Ingo Feb 3 at 13:31
  • @Ingo I downloaded it from: launchpad.net/veracrypt/trunk/1.21/+download/…, unzipped and ran ./veracrypt-1.21-setup-console-armv7. – Nicholas Adamou Feb 3 at 13:38
  • Did you run sudo ./veracrypt-1.21-setup-console-armv7? – Dougie Feb 3 at 14:53
  • @Dougie yeah I did and the error persists – Nicholas Adamou Feb 3 at 15:57
  • try running /usr/bin/veracrypt -v /home/pi/cryptfile passwordforcryptfile – Dougie Feb 3 at 17:19

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