I installed the latest version of NOOBS onto my Pi 3B+ and I completed all the steps but it shows the wrong date and time.

I have tried all the possible ways to fix this but I can't seem to.

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    Installed leatest noob version on my r_strong textpi3b+ module What's that? It's not a Pi model I know... complete all steps what steps? Tried all the way possible to fix it If that's the case there's no use in asking a question here... Please clarify your setup, problem and what you have tried. Update your question with these details – Dirk Feb 3 at 12:19
  • @Dirk I think the formatting's gone wrong and added the "_strong test" in the the middle of "rpi3b+". – Roger Jones Feb 3 at 12:25
  • Please add the output from a timedatectl command to your question. The default timezone is GMT. – Dougie Feb 3 at 12:25
  • Could the date be showing in the incorrect time-zone? What is the output of date +"%H:%M:%S %Z" and what's the (approx) correct local time supposed to be? – Roger Jones Feb 3 at 12:27

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