i want to recieve data from my obd2(ELM 327) wifi interface to my pi into the screen, i can connect my pi to the "WIFI_OBD" but i don't know how to send a command throw the screen and receiving data.

if the question is not clear you can watch this video where the guy have OBD with bluethoot interface, so i want to do the same work with wifi interface. thank you.


  • Locate Wi-Fi network, created by ELM327 OBDII adapter and connect to it. Usually, it’s called “OBDII”, “OBD2”, “WIFI_OBDII” or something like that. Sometimes its name has something familiar with your adapter brand (e.g. VGate adapters usually have “VLINK” network name). – MatsK Feb 4 at 19:32
  • @MatsK You should make your comment an answer. – Ingo Feb 4 at 19:38

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