We are trying to communicate between Mobile App and Raspberry pi 3 with some efficient method.We are using firebase and Android Things server right now.We are quiet new in this field. we are using mqtt and firebase for this but it is not suitable for our application we want to send some remote command from Android phone to Raspberry Pi. Pi back to send it a acknowledgement.

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  • Have you bothered looking in the playstore for Raspberry Pi associated apps? There are some fairly complex, feature rich, configurable, etc. things there that might do. If you want to write your own, this is really a question about network programming fundamentals. Please do not bother asking anyone to regurgitate that kind of information here -- there must be hundreds of thousands if not millions of pages online and in print about this. You need to do a bit of reading about how computers communicate on a network. Both Android and the Pi are very normal in this sense. – goldilocks Feb 15 at 14:39