I have a RP3B+ with a Kali Pi build and am having some newbie wireless issues. I have a Ralink RT5370 that I'd like to enter monitor mode on boot, but wireless interface assignment is inconsistent on boot.

The first problem I had was sometimes networking would not start properly on boot. A friend suggested it could be drivers weren't fully loading before the service kicked off, so I added sleep 2 to the networking.service to give it a little extra time. I'm sure this is the wrong way to fix this problem, but it has been working so far. Is there a better way to troubleshoot this and fix the issue cleanly?

The second and main problem I am having is that my USB wifi dongle will sometimes come up as interface wlan0 when I would like it to come up as wlan1. I don't know how to do assign a specific wireless adapter to a specific interface. Also, is it even possible for it to come up in monitor mode or is this something I will have to include in a script?

Bonus issue! My pi becomes unresponsive after staying on the network for an extended period of time (and no user activity). As I understood it, RPi isn't supposed to have a hibernate or power save mode. Could it be something else?

Edit: Found a solution to the second issue. The other two issues remain.

  • Problem for help may be that you use kali. Most of us use the official distribution Raspbian. – Ingo Feb 8 at 22:56

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