How can I enable WiFi p2p on raspberry pi zero w and have dhcp service running so that other devices that connect to it get assigned an IP address?

I am able to configure the dhcp service on the pi by following this link:


but the article asks for disabling the wpa_supplicant by adding nohook wpa_supplicant to the end of /etc/dhcpcd.conf while I am supposed to run wpa_supplicant in order to enable WiFi p2p

how can I do that?

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  • I think the default behavior for wifi-direct is via "APIPA" addresses. – Tim_Stewart Feb 10 at 1:31
  • 1
    I second what @Tim_Stewart said. I believe Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi P2P) devices use what the IETF standards call "IPv4 link-local" addresses, which in Microsoft proprietary jargon are called "APIPA" addresses. That is, self-assigned addresses in the subnet. – Spiff Feb 10 at 1:51
  • so does this mean it is doable or not? – Mohyddin Feb 10 at 10:34
  • It is doable to use a DHCP server with WiFi Direct. But the GO (group owner) is required to implement an DHCP server: Wi-Fi Direct vs Ad-hoc mode. – Ingo Feb 10 at 12:59
  • The link you are using does not set up a WiFi Direct connection. It installs a managed access point. That is a complete different approach. – Ingo Feb 10 at 13:02

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