I want to be able to send sound from my RPi (3B+) to my Windows10 laptop. I have XRDP installed on the RPi and Windows Remote Desktop on the laptop. I also need to be able to send sound from the laptop to the RPi (this whole exercise is receiving and transmitting voice from a UHF radio attached to the RPi). Video plays fine to the laptop from the RPi - but not sound.

The RPi has plugged into it an external USB sound card which interfaces the RPi to the UHF radio. When I plug a self powered speaker into the USB sound card (for testing purposes) - I get sound out of it (on the RPi side). So we know that sound is being output. But I need this sound to be received by the laptop. I have the USB sound card set as default and have removed the bcm2835 card. I have removed VNC and TightVNCserver to avoid conflict.

Does anyone have suggestions?

  • when connected using RDP, the client can choose to reroute audio or not ... you can't have two way audio through RDP – Jaromanda X Feb 13 at 3:13

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