I try to run Windows IoT Core 10 B+ over Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
The plate is new. The OS I downloaded from here: Windows IoT 10 B+, I used: RaspberryPi 3B+ Technical Preview Build 17661

I user this manual to install the OS to teh flash.

I have 4 INCH HDMI LCD with Touch Pad connected to the plate.
For connect the LCD I was need to modify original config (g:\config.txt) file - see code below. But th eproblem not in config, when I use original config, I have to device detected in Dashboard. If I use modified config, I have monitor working, but have blue screen.

I have follow drives after FFU uploading:

  • USB Drive F:
  • MainOS H:
  • Data J:

I searched for logs and important files, and didn't found much:

  • j:\FirstBoot.Complete

Some DUMP like files, however, it is unable to open it in Visual Studio as DUMP files:

  • j:\DUMP0c15.tmp
  • j:\DUMP0c35.tmp
  • j:\DedicatedDumpFile.sys

Follow directories, however it are empty:

  • j:\Logfiles\WMI\RtBackup\
  • j:\CrashDump\
  • h:\Windows\tracing\
  • h:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\
  • h:\Windows\system32\winevt\Logs\

The modified content of: g:\config.txt:

init_uart_clock=16000000    # Set UART clock to 16Mhz
kernel_old=1                # Load kernel.img at physical memory address 0x0
safe_mode_gpio=8            # A temp firmware limitation workaround
max_usb_current=1           # Enable maximum usb current
gpu_mem=32                  # Set VC to 32MB, ARM DRAM to (1008-32)MB
hdmi_force_hotplug=1        # Enable HDMI display even if it is not connected (640x480)
core_freq=250               # Frequency of GPU processor core in MHz
framebuffer_ignore_alpha=1  # Ignore the alpha channel for Windows.
framebuffer_swap=1          # Set the frame buffer to be Windows BGR compatible.
disable_overscan=1          # Disable overscan
hdmi_group=2                # Use VESA Display Mode Timing over CEA
hdmi_mode=87                 # 5 inch screen
hdmi_cvt 480 800 60 6 0 0 0  # 5 inch screen

This is screenshot of blue screen:

Blue screen

As I see, there is notification about: BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO

I read troubleshooting page and some other information.
I have follow questions:

  • What are the drives responsible for: G:, F:, J:, H: ?
  • Where can I find boot logs in the Windows IoT file system?
  • Where can I find more documentation about Windows IoT OS architecture and its system's directory tree?
  • What can be the problem?

PS: I have successful experianse to run Windows IoT Core 10 on Raspberry Pi 3.

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