I installed the image of raspbian stretch (version: 9) on an SD card and mounted the card on the Raspberry Pi. On first boot the display came up and the initial setup was done. In addition to the initial setup I configured the pi for SSH connection (save WiFi Credentials, static IP).

The next time I switched ON the raspberry there was no display, but I was able to access the pi over SSH. Over SSH I accessed the RPI config and changed the boot options. First Screen of RPI config[Second Screen]2[Third screen]3

When I do this and reboot the Pi, it boots to the GUI but on another reboot the GUI does not come up.

One of two things happen when I reboot the Pi,

  1. There is no input to the monitor. (Monitor is Idle)

  2. There is an input to the monitor, but only a black screen

Raspberry pi model: 2

Connected to monitor via HDMI to VGA adapter

Power Supply: 5V 2A

The Pi does not boot to the CLI either.

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    Which model Pi? What monitor & resolution? Connected by HDMI? What power supply? – CoderMike Feb 15 at 9:46
  • Updated the details to the question – Adnan Arif Sait Feb 16 at 15:49

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