everyone. So I am very new to Raspberry pi. I just installed Raspbian yesterday sing NOOBS, and it was successfully installed. I played around with it after install and even rebooted it (using the reboot option from the "start" menu or whatever its called in raspbian).

But then I shut it down (once again, using the shutdown option from the "start" menu). Once it was shut down and my HDMI screen showed "no signal", I turned off the power supply.

However when I connected the power supply again, it got stuck on the rainbow screen.

My question is, why is it happening even after a supposedly clean shut down? am I doing something wrong here?

Also, is it normal for Raspbian to take 2 hours to install when installed using NOOBS?

  • Have you tried reseating the SD card? And 2 hours to install is very long. In my experience, using a good, fast SD card is very important to have a good performance. – Onnonymous Feb 19 '19 at 11:34

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