I have configured kiosk in raspberry pi with touch screen.


When I am using the USB mouse then cursor is not showing.

I have followed


I am able to hide mouse cursor using

sudo apt-get install x11-xserver-utils unclutter


xserver-command=X -nocursor

but I want to enable the mouse cursor when I plug the USB mouse.



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There is a fork of unclutter which can be instructed to hide the cursor on a touch event. When called with a -touch argument, it hides the cursor instantly on a touch input, and displays it again on a mouse move.

Alternatively, you can write a udev rule and execute your own script which hides the cursor (using unclutter or otherwise, e.g. xinput -cursor /transparent/cursor/file) when a mouse is plugged in. A USB mouse can be detected by this rule for instance.

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