I tried to install scipy using pip3 install scipy as well as sudo pip3 install scipy and it got stuck at Building wheel for scipy for 45 minutes. Same is the case for cython.

What is the fix or it just takes that long. numpy and other libraries like argparse etc took 1-2 minutes.

Using Raspberry Pi 3b+ (Newbie to Raspberry)

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Building scipy from source takes about 1hr20. Pre-compiled wheels are available from piwheels.org, so you can install it from there without building yourself.

Raspbian Stretch is pre-configured to use piwheels. Are you on an older Raspbian version or another distribution? See piwheels.org for info on how to configure your system to use it or try:

sudo pip3 install scipy --extra-index-url https://www.piwheels.org/simple
  • I am on stretch. Thankfully scipy build was completed a few minutes after I posted the question. Feb 24, 2019 at 17:23

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