Have the pi zero act as a USB mass storage device and to move files to a network location using ethernet. There are a few examples like this over wifi, example (Smart flash drive) but in my case I would need it work over ethernet.

If I solder on a male USB plug for mass storage and setup the device as g_mass_storage and g_ether (g_multi) will the it still be able to communicate over a USB connected Ethernet cord?

To more be clear, would the having the USB bus act in slave(OTG) mode not let me communicate with a USB Ethernet port at the same time?

  • why do you think that wifi and ethernet transport LAN data differently? ..... it is unclear how you want to switch between the two USB modes? – jsotola Feb 28 at 5:21
  • I added a comment to try and make it more clear – Larry273 Feb 28 at 5:59

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