I am trying out Manjaro Arm on my Raspberry Pi 3, but surprisingly find only Guile as the only viable Scheme interpreter/REPL.

I have tried the following:

Racket, and Mit-Scheme not found by pacman in the repositories.

Chicken Scheme seems to install, but will only run as the Chicken compiler, the csi REPL is MIA.

Chibi Scheme seems to compile and install (and MAKE test runs fine) but then crashes looking for a support file.

Chez-Scheme is X86 centric, and no arm fork has been created yet. Historically older versions also ran on Sun SPARC. I did not try to compile or install it.

I would prefer a scheme REPL that is supported by Geiser, running within Emacs.

  • Guile meets your requirements and you’ve eliminated the others. It seems like you’ve answered your question but you want to hear something different. It looks like to get a different answer you would need to change your requirements such as a different distribution. – T. M. Mar 4 '19 at 6:33

I did get ChezScheme 9.5.3 up on Raspian on a RPi3 using the formula in:


This is a 32 bit implementation, so you need to run in 32 bit mode or at least with 32-bit libraries installed.

I did need to edit c/config.h to set the search path for the "scheme.boot" file:

#define DEFAULT_HEAP_PATH "/usr/lib/csv9.5/arm32le"

You may like to look at Gambit Scheme. It relies only upon the presence of C/C++ compiler, so should compile on the Pi without too much trouble.

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