Is there any light weight OS for RPi with GUI. All I have is an 8 GB micro SD card for boot so if I run any application on Raspbian OS such as chromium, it crashes

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    Your definition of "light weight" doesn't match mine - light weight means low use of RAM by the OS not low use of secondary storage. Raspbian Lite fits easily on a 4GB SDCard but isn't optimised for low RAM usage. – Dougie Mar 4 at 6:14
  • Which model of Pi are you using? – CoderMike Mar 4 at 12:15
  • @CoderMike It's tagged pi-2 7 hours ago. – Ingo Mar 4 at 13:00

Raspbian Stretch with desktop https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/ works well on an 8GiB card - my installation (with lots of extra software) uses 5.3GiB

  • You're saving at least 1.3GB of SDCard space by not wasting it with NOOBS. Lots of my Raspberries don't use an SDCard. Three boot from USB sticks. Two boot from a hard drive. Two have a minimum sized SDCard with just the /boot folder and the root FS on a hard drive. – Dougie Mar 4 at 6:12
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    @Dougie I don't see how this is a Comment on my Answer. The only people who use NOOBS are beginners who follow the misleading Foundation "recommendation". – Milliways Mar 4 at 6:26
  • And like the OP they get short of space on Raspbian. It's time NOOBS was retired. Folks who want it for multiboot should use PINN – Dougie Mar 4 at 6:31

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