I've been trying to build a kernel from the 4.14.85 version. I followed the instructions from the official documentation but instead of using the latest version you can find in the repository I reverted patches so that I ended up with the 4.14.85 version.

After reverting the patches, I just followed the instructions given in the official documentation, but at the very last step

sudo cp arch/arm/boot/dts/overlays/*.dtb* mnt/fat32/overlays/
sudo cp arch/arm/boot/dts/overlays/README mnt/fat32/overlays/

I cannot do this because the /overlays directory does not exist.

Are there any workarounds to this problem? I see that with more recent versions of the kernel, the /overlays directory does not exist, at least not in the same location.

  • With what version of Raspbian did you start off on your SD-card? Can you add the exact error message that does not allow you to finish the process from the tutorial? – oh.dae.su Mar 5 '19 at 22:15
  • Use github.com/notro/rpi-source to get the source tree that matches your kernel. – Dougie Mar 5 '19 at 23:20

As mentioned here the solution I found to building the 4.14.85 kernel was to simply clone the Raspberry Pi Linux repository with

git clone --depth=1 --branch rpi-4.14.y https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux

and then apply the incremental kernel patches in reverse, until reaching the 85-86 patch.

patch -R -p1 < ../patches-linux/patch-4.14.85-86

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