So I'm doing a project .I am using raspberry pi 3 as a media player using osmc and is connected to my projector. I have written a python file so that it uses voice recognition (pocket Sphinx) to use my voice command and turn relays on and off which will turn lights and fan on and off that are in my room.

The problem is I want osmc to output by Bluetooth but I want the python file to play mp3 responses through audio jack (It can be of pi or sound card) .I only want to use sound card for mic.

Currently if I let the sound card plugged in before boot ,sound output is through the card but after connecting to Bluetooth, sound plays through Bluetooth (talking about python file response) .

So is there a way I can separate outputs so osmc outputs through Bluetooth (always) and python file responses output through jack

  • Can we set audio device for python-vlc – ZULU RAMA Mar 5 at 23:39

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