How can I make a portable HTPC with usb Tv tuner? I've got a Raspberry pi Zero W with usb hub, and an USB Tv tuner. I want to use this in a truck, I mean I want to watch movies with kodi, and watch DVB-T2 Tv channels. And I only got the raspberry (no laptop)

  • You could have a look at TVHeadend. (Google it.) – Mark Smith Mar 9 at 9:43
  • I think a Pi Zero will struggle, I would suggest a Pi3B+. – CoderMike Mar 9 at 11:16
  • I googled and it says if I read it good, the tv headend need a server, and I only got Pi in the truck, how can I use it? – VLKI Mar 9 at 13:39
  • Server and client can be the same computer. Main question is if the Zero is powerful enough to do both – Dirk Mar 9 at 18:21

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