I am using an app which is using the vc4-drivers. Sometimes videos freeze for an instant, and I see a kernel message saying :

[drm] Resetting GPU

After that, some font are no more displayed but the app still runs. I have tried to disable those drivers in /boot/config.txt, but I need them... I have although tried to improve gpu_mem from 256 to 512, but it does not help...

Any idea ? Thank you !


  • chances are it's a power supply issue Mar 11 '19 at 8:22
  • Thanks @JaromandaX, I have just changed the power supply, it seems to be better, but the issue is still happening sometimes.... I am using 5V-3A output power supply, do you think it could still be an issue ?
    – etiennedm
    Mar 11 '19 at 8:45
  • Could it be the gpu is overused and don't have time to communicate with the cpu anymore so it resets ? If so, how could I debug it ? Thanks
    – etiennedm
    Mar 11 '19 at 9:00
  • Well, it may not be that then ... I just googled the error, and regarding RPi that was the first result - perhaps you can search raspberry pi [drm] Resetting GPU and see if you can find anything Mar 11 '19 at 9:04
  • Thanks, for the moment, my googling did not lead to anything successful
    – etiennedm
    Mar 11 '19 at 9:08

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