I have a project that requires the use of a localized portion of the spectrum in the NIR range. Say from 750nm to 800nm. For the time being, I'm using an optical longwave bandpass filter specifically made for this range. This works, but the filters are a burden in terms of cost, complicating the physical setup and they're not adjustable for different spectral ranges.

If I wanted to research other ranges (say ... 780nm to 830nm) I would need to purchase/install a different optical filter.

I thought that maybe using the raw (Bayer) data from the camera sensor might be used to create a digital bandpass filter. I'm not afraid to dig into the code for this (I have a computer graphics/image processing background) but as I've never dealt with raw Bayer data before I wondered if anybody could point me in the right general direction or explain why it isn't possible.

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