I've been using this guide

I've setup a Raspberry Pi 3+ which has a WiFi dongle and onboard WiFi to do this. The WiFi dongle is an AC600 with the 8812au chipset, requiring compiled kernel drivers, which I compiled installed. This is my wlan0, the onboard chipset is wlan1.

When I follow your guide and use the onboard as the AP, everything works fine. However, when I switch them around, and try to use wlan0 as my AP (which is the intention), then the access point doesn't get setup. When I inspect the journal I find:

Mar 13 15:53:14 HTL wpa_supplicant[260]: nl80211: Could not configure driver mode
Mar 13 15:53:14 HTL wpa_supplicant[260]: nl80211: deinit ifname=wlan0 disabled_11b_rates=0

It seems wpa_supplicant is trying to load the nl80211 driver instead of the 8812au driver?

Is there a way to fix this?


One time you are switching the interfaces wlan0 and wlan1 and another time when referencing the instructions behind the link you have given, it is unclear if you also switch them. Raspbian always uses wlan0 for its on-board wifi chip by default. To not get confused please let us use wlan0 for the on-board wifi chip and wlan1 for your USB/wifi dongle, no matter what is used for an access point and for the client connection. It also fits to the naming of the physical devices phy0 and phy1. Following this you want to use wlan1 as access point but it doesn't work.

Using wlan0 as access point is working. It is unclear if the uplink client connection with wlan1 is also working in this case. Please ensure that it will do. Using the USB/wifi dongle for the client connection should be less error prone so you can better check if the compiled driver is working. If it is running then in the next step you can switch the usage of wlan0 and wlan1.

To get some useful information please load the compiled driver for 8812au and execute:

rpi ~$ iw phy phy1 info

You will get a bunch of information. Please only look at the sections Supported interface modes:, Supported commands: and valid interface combinations:. Please edit your question and paste them into it.

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