i want to mirror my Windows 10 Desktop to my Raspberry Pi. If possible real time but a little delay is alright. I want to be able to watch Netflix on it but i dont want to install Kodi or any other OS on it. I want to run everything on raspbian 2018.



You can install RealVNC server on Windows and RealVNC viewer on your Raspberry and that should allow you to mirrow a Windows 10 desktop on your RPi.

RealVNC is usually run the other way round with the server on the Raspberry and the viewer on Windows.


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  • netflix wont be watchable :p – Jaromanda X Mar 14 '19 at 3:52
  • normally yes but with a mirrored pc screen which is running netflix it will probably. – Mario Ewald Mar 15 '19 at 16:05

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