We want to install a music-sensitive light system using four or five LED-strips.

We have several ideas but no experience with this topic.

Following plan: You connect your phone with the Raspberry using Bluetooth or WiFi and Spotify Connect (raspotify). A program controls the LEDs based on the music input (probably a rewritten version of https://github.com/scottlawsonbc/audio-reactive-led-strip). The audio is then redirected to our stereo system.

I would also program some basic features (single Color, fade, ...) and we wanted to use WS2812B strips with 3 or 5 Meters and 30 or 60 LEDs/m.

Now I have some problems/questions:

  1. Apparently it’s not possible to control music and LEDs at the same time. Could an extern sound card fix this?
  2. Is it possible to control so many LEDs with a Raspberry Pi?
  3. Some say that you need a level shifter to connect the Raspberry Pi with the LED strip. Is it really necessary?
  4. I read that audio input via Bluetooth is quite bad especially when WiFi is switched on. WiFi would be necessary to control the program (otherwise we need a small touchscreen or something like that). Can an extra Bluetooth dongle solve this issue?

As we are all new to this, we appreciate every answer or helpful comment or idea!

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    Far too many questions in one for this site. You need to do more research and then post one or more questions with one question in each post. By the way I suggest you use APA102 LED strips, they are far easier to control from the Pi and don't need to use the Pi's PWM/PCM (audio) hardware. – joan Mar 15 at 17:03
  • And please take the short Tour and visit the Help Center to get an idea how things work here. – Ingo Mar 18 at 17:28

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