I did apt update && apt upgrade as root and now my Raspbian system is corrupt and won't boot anymore. After some debugging I noticed there's the package raspi-copies-and-fills.

Fortunately, my Pi isn't damaged, only the system is corrupt (verified by booting fresh Raspbian on my spare microSD cards). I want to recover this system, is it possible?

I have both Windows and Ubuntu at hand and microSD card readers, which I suppose should be up for a recovery job.

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    Just restore from the backup you made before upgrade – Milliways Mar 16 '19 at 5:36
  • @Milliways I don't have backup. I flashed fresh Raspbian to spare SD cards just for verifying that the hardware isn't damaged. – iBug Mar 16 '19 at 5:57
  • @Milliways - that makes me laugh every time - it'd be nice if such a backup didn't take 30 minutes or more, or require removing the SD card from the pi to do it quicker :p – Jaromanda X Mar 19 '19 at 11:53
  • @JaromandaX It only takes 15 minutes to image a 16GB card, but there are other backup strategies (including SD Card Copier to duplicate a SD Card). The recovery method, listed in the Answer, often works but I am amazed by the users who claim to have valuable data but no backup. – Milliways Mar 20 '19 at 0:55
  • Put the sd card into a card reader in Ubuntu system
  • Now the tricky part is finding the device in Ubuntu, it could be /dev/sdb or something like that - one way to determine is to check the output of dmesg, you should see a message regarding the new device being attached
  • assuming it's /dev/sdb:
  • Repair the second partiton with e2fsck -f /dev/sdb2
  • Then mount this partition: sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt
  • Then run sudo rm /mnt/etc/ld.so.preload
  • And sudo umount /dev/sdb2

/etc/ld.so.preload contains /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libarmmem.so. This is the only significant file in raspi-copies-and-fills package.

Now insert the sd card back into the pi, and when you've booted, you can apt update && apt upgrade again since the offending package has been upgraded again and should now NOT break your pi

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  • Why deleting /mnt/etc/ld.so.preload? For what is this file used? On my RasPi it doesn't contain anything about raspi-copies-and-fills. – Ingo Mar 19 '19 at 11:35
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    Mine contains /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libarmmem.so ... this is the only significant file in raspi-copies-and-fills package – Jaromanda X Mar 19 '19 at 11:37
  • yeah, I probably should've mentioned that in the answer @Ingo - otherwise it may look like I'm trying to do something nefarious :p thanks for the edit – Jaromanda X Mar 19 '19 at 11:46

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