I configured my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to route all traffic from wlan0 to eth0.

This works for me and I can connect my RPI to a Wifi-Network, connect my computer with the RPI through ethernet and I can surf the internet on my computer with the wlan0 of the RPI.

Now I want to put TOR inbetween that. I found a lot of tutorials about making the RPI a Wifi Hotspot which means the following routing:

Access-Point --> Ethernet cable to eth0 --> Routing through TOR --> RPI as an acces point.

I want it that way, so that I can use it everywhere Wi-Fi is available.

Access-Point --> RPI connects to Wifi with wlan0 --> Routing through TOR --> eth0 to my computer.

Unfortunately I had no success with all of my attemps to realize that.

This is why I need your help.

I want to make my RPI a mobile TOR station which I can use in every Wi-Fi.

Please help

Best regards

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