This is a very similar question to one already asked, but it is different in that I want the USB dongle to provide internet access to the RPi while the RPi AP still operates.

I am trying to set up a navigation system on my boat using OpenPlotter and OpenCPN using 2 RPi 3+'s. It all works wonderfully as a standalone network, but without internet access.

I'd like to add an internet connection to provide internet access when I'm in port so that I can browse the web. SO I added a TP-Link dongle which is recognized and I can attach it to my home network using the standard process. Running ifconfig returns a local for the local network and 192.168.abc.xyz for the home network.

But whenever I open the browser I get a connection error no matter the internet site - Google, Facebook, Amazon, ...

Clearly I must be doing something incorrectly, but I haven't a clue.


  • Please show us the output of sudo route -n aka your routing table. – oh.dae.su Mar 20 '19 at 21:33
  • What is a RPi 3+? Is it a RPi 3A+ or RPi 3B+? What is this TP-Link dongle? Does it has just an ethernet port? Does your home network is available in port? Do you connect to it with an ethernet cable using the TP-Link dongle? Where is the internet connection? On the home network? Please address me with @Ingo, otherwise I won't see your reply. – Ingo Mar 21 '19 at 0:11

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