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I am building a web server od Raspberry Pi 3. The system and the data will be on microSD card and I am curious if there's any way to automaticaly backup the whole card with data? I mean - if anything happens to the card, i simply download the backup file, restore it to new microSD card and put it to the raspberry Pi without doing configuration or instalation of new web server.

I d'like to use Synology NAS as a backup server.

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rsync is always a good candidate for backups, especially if you want to automate them, because it can do incremental backups.

Have a look at this answer Can a Raspberry Pi be used to create a backup of itself?.
If you plan on keeping unarchived backups on another machine also check my answer on a related question Restore backup failed (using rsync)


Raspbian has a number of backup utilities - I have used backintime-gnome to back up to a HDD, and I am sure this would work to a server.

rsync can be used to backup files, but to fully restore requires a formatted/partitioned SD Card and does not manage partitioning.

Both of the above perform incremental backups.

There are numerous backup utilities in the repository you can install.

dd can be used to backup a full image to a file - but each time makes a new full backup. This can be used to image to a server (or any other storage device) and will restore to an identical (or larger) SD Card.


That's why I wrote a script to backup my Raspberries. Initially dd was used, then tar and finally rsync. The script is called raspiBackup and OpenSource. Just give it a try.

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