I attached my Raspberry Pi 2 to a smart TV, downloaded and installed Win 10 IoT on the Pi was straight away able to use a browser based website to stream British TV. However, although I can see the TV stream, the quality is poor. The Pi is WiFi or cable connect to an access point which, in turn, is WiFi to the router from my provider.

Is the poor image quality is due to the Pi itself, its use of WiFi or the operating system?

If the OS, is there a better one for what I want to do?

If so, I realise that Noobs gives you the ability to install multiple OS's and, from what I have read, Win 10 IoT is one of those but do I have to work from an empty SD card or can I use Noobs to add the other OS?

enter image description here

  • Which website? Perhaps someone can try it for comparison. Have you tried ruling out wifi bottleneck by using wired ethernet? – Mark Smith Mar 26 at 7:15

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