I have seen versions of Raspbian and Ubuntu which can be loaded on a Pi3 that support the KeDei LCD 3.5. I am hoping that I would be able to find a version of drivers and instructions if not an image ready to go that would work with this display.

Otherwise, the next option would be help with how to create and compile code for use with Raspbian or Ubuntu for the Pi 3.

My company has a need for this hardware profile for some special devices we'd like to use. I was hoping to be able to use Visual Studio with Xamarin forms to create an android based app being our other internal programs are C# in Visual Studio it would make an easier transition. However if I could have some directions how to create native Raspbian apps via C++ I could possibly follow that road although I'd prefer not to.

Here is what I was given for other OS installs... this is the download link of the image and driver,http://en.kedei.net/raspberry/raspberry.html

please download the part,V6.1 V6.2 V6.3,

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