I'm not sure if what I am trying to do is even possible or what to even search for. I bought 2 raspberry pi's to replace my current setup.

Old setup: Desktop running plex and tautulli, ssh Laptop running sonarr, radarr, Jackett, and Deluge, ssh and VPN * If I lose connection on laptop and I am not home I have to ssh into desktop and then ssh into laptop to reset connection

New set up: I have 2 raspberry Pi's (rpi1 and rpi2)

Rpi1 Running: VPN -Deluge -Jackett

Rpi2 Running: Sonarr Radarr

I want to be able to access rpi1 from the internet not just locally, but I want to route the traffic through rpi2 so only have to open ports to rpi2 I guess similar to a tunnel

Outside Device \ -Router -------------- | \ RPI2 - Sonarr \ | - Radarr \ | Rest of Network - RPI1 - Deluge - Jackett

So if I went to on RPi2 it would actually be on RPi1 or rpi2.net:5000 for remote access still takes me to

Any help or thoughts be greatly appreciated

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