Is there a prebuild serialbus library for Raspberry Pi? I would to use QtCanBus in a project. Unfortunately I cannot find any reference for installing the necessary library. tried

sudo apt-get install qt5serialbus5

without any success..

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To compile and run Qt5 applications for the Raspberry Pi you either need to cross-compile them, or setup your Raspberry Pi to natively run qmake and make.

  • This is strange because I'm able to compile a qwidget application by just installing the prebuild libraries.
    – Alex B.
    Commented Apr 3, 2019 at 4:47

I have finally managed to solve my problem by using a prebuilt set of libraries from here: https://github.com/tranter/raspberry-pi-qt-builds/releases With some ldconfig magic I managed to link everything together and even launch the example SerialBus app from QtCreator.

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