How do I add an on/off button to a Raspberry Pi Zero board? I am new to the platform and kindly ask for instructions suitable for a novice. Thank you.

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    Why? What is the objective? Do none of the hundred similar questions not provide an answer? – Milliways Apr 4 at 3:41
  • Please clarify: Do you want a button to shut the pi down/turn it back on or a button to disconnect power/reconnect power? – scitronboy Apr 4 at 4:13

You can follow this guide on adding a Power Button to your Raspberry Pi. It shows how to do it on an RPi 3 model, but you can do exactly the same on the RPi Zero, as their pinout is the same.

The only caveat with your RPi model is the soldering. Here is a video from the Raspberry Pi Foundation on how to solder pins to your RPi Zero. And here is another guide on how to add 40-pin GPIO connector.


Adding an on/off is fairly simple IF you can solder pretty good. However, depending on where the Pi is located, you could get on of the usb cables that come with a on/off switch. They are fairly cheap and come in various links. I have a couple that I use EVEN though I poweroff the pi.

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    I can solder pretty good but it doesn't help me with your answer. What should I solder? – Ingo Apr 3 at 21:54
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    A power switch on the USB cable is no good if the OP wants the pi to shut down when the button is pressed. – scitronboy Apr 4 at 4:12
  • @scitronbon, GREAT point. I did not grasp his initial point, I was only thinking of just removing the power after using shutdown command. I think that David's post answers his question. – voyager8 Apr 4 at 12:31

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