I have an HDMI+USB 10.1" screen connected to Pi. When used only HDMI is work fine but when pluged usb (touch) the display weird output. enter image description here

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    looks like there might be something wrong™ with it - is there anything in the dmesg or other system logs that may point to some software or driver error? - or perhaps it's a power issue (i.e. not enough) – Jaromanda X Apr 4 at 4:44
  • The monitor has external power supply, the USB is for touch controller so i think this is not the power issue. – shadowzz Apr 4 at 7:18
  • so, of the two things I asked, you answered the second and ignored the first .... dmesg, system logs, anything to indicate some sort of software issue – Jaromanda X Apr 4 at 7:36

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