I recently bought a Raspberry Pi B 3+, I installed Raspbian OS on a SD card and I also bought a 3.5 inch touchscreen. However, the touchscreen display stays white.

Here is the screen (sorry for the quality, I took this picture on the web) : screen

After searching a little bit, I found that it is because of the drivers. I then looked for a way to install these drivers but they are all using the SSH way. Now, I have a problem because my situation doesn't permit me to connect to Ethernet (no plug, no cable) or Wifi (protected by a login page).

My question is the following: Can I install the plugins directly on my SD card before to boot? If yes, please guide me.


I don't have HDMI screen neither ...

  • What is the meaning of "no plug, no cable"? You have a notebook on the picture, all notebooks sold in the last 20 years have an ethernet port.All notebooks from the last 15 years have WLAN. If you don't want to use SSH, connect the PI to a keyboards and a screen. If you really want someone to tell you how to place the files on the SD card, you could provide a link to the instructions. – RalfFriedl Apr 5 at 5:19
  • This is not my computer, I have a xiaomi so no WLAN, I can't connect anywhere. What do you mean by provide a link to the instructions ? – Clément Jean Apr 5 at 5:25
  • @RalfFriedl I suppose you mean something like this right ? But they are using the SSH way – Clément Jean Apr 5 at 5:53
  • No, they don't even mention SSH on the whole page. – RalfFriedl Apr 5 at 6:33
  • But they install directly on the machine so it's either ssh either screen, isn't it ? @RalfFriedl – Clément Jean Apr 5 at 7:36

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