I'm working on a project where I'm repurposing sensors from a Pop-a-shot machine

Sensors we're using https://www.popashot.net/shop/accessories/scoring-sensors/

The sensors are a 4 pin reflective IR sensor.

The 4 pins are ground, power, transmitting (tx), and receiving (rx). The transmitting is for lighting the led and receiving is for when the sensor receives a signal.

They worked perfectly before we connected them to the Pi

We are able to get the sensor working with the PI and are able to read inputs.

The issue we are having is that instead of being able to sense objects nearly 12 cm away, it is only working when you are waving your hand 2-3 cm from the sensor.

Is there something that can be done to increase the sensitivity? We are pretty sure that we have it connected to the GPIO pins correctly. We have the transmitting connected to power, ground connected to ground, power connected to power and the receiving connected to the gpio pin.

We aren't sure if the sensor isn't sensitive enough, or if the led isn't powerful enough

We've tried the 5v and 3v3 pins for power, Same results.

  • Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange. Your post seems to be more of an Electronics question and less of a Raspberry Pi one. A couple other things: the link you've provided to the sensors gives no technical information; if you have a datasheet for them that would be much more useful. Also, in order to better diagnose your problem, attach a circuit schematic. I'm suggesting this in case you decide to ask in the Electronics forum. – David Apr 6 at 1:29

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